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As the railroad industry expanded in the early 1900s, Congress enacted the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) to provide legal protection and help for railroad workers across the nation. Today, injured workers can still seek money for their on-the-job injuries through FELA, with the help of a railroad accident attorney. At Sloan, Bagley, Hatcher, Perry, Runge, Robertson and Smith Law Firm, our team is committed to helping injured workers to pursue a recovery for:

  • Past and future lost wages
  • Past and future medical costs
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish

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Legal Steps to File a FELA Lawsuit

  • Talk to a Doctor
    Seek medical attention first. If you suffered an injury as a railroad employee, your health is priority. Additionally, you will need medical evidence of your injury and financial damages to substantiate your suit. Keep a careful record of the costs associated with your injury and discuss them with your attorney to make sure that your lawsuit cites every available financial and noneconomic loss associated with your accident.
  • Talk to an Attorney
    After a serious accident or injury, you employer will most likely ask you to file a report of the incident and your injuries. Refrain from disclosing any information about your case without consulting a qualified lawyer first. Your employer may attempt to use any information that you disclose against your case, to halt payment for your injuries. With the help of an attorney, you can avoid common mistakes during this process.
  • Investigation
    By conducting a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding your accident and injuries, an attorney can begin to construct your claim. During the investigation, your lawyer can begin to uncover the facts of the case and determine who is responsible for your injury.
  • Filing a Complaint with the Court
    Once your attorney establishes potential liability, you may file a complaint. The defendant will have an allotted amount of time (three weeks, typically) to respond. The response will indicate what portions of the complaint the defendant agrees with, if any. This response will open a dialogue between the defendant and the plaintiff.
  • Discovery
    The discovery phase of the case begins when the plaintiff and defendant begin to exchange documentation and information regarding the case. This includes interrogations, depositions (formal statements), and other forms of documentation. During this time, both parties will seek to expose all relevant information related to the case. If the parties reach a settlement, the case will not go to trial.
  • Mediation & Trial
    If the defendant and plaintiff are unable to reach an agreement, a judge may propose mediation or a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to conclude the case. If both parties are still unable to agree on a settlement, the case will got to a trial before a jury. At the end of the trial, the jury will decide in favor of one party. If one party is dissatisfied with the jury’s decision, it can appeal the verdict in a higher court.

“What Are My Employer’s Legal Responsibilities Under FELA?”

As a railroad worker, you possess rights under FELA. This means that your employer is obligated to provide certain working conditions for you and your peers. The three primary employer obligations under FELA are:

  • Provide a safe, hazard-free work environment
  • Train and supervise employee for work safety
  • Enact and enforce safety regulations and rules

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