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Texas and New Mexico Oilfield Injury Lawyers

In 2017, 69 oil and gas workers lost their lives on the job—44 of those deaths were in Texas. Moreover, oil and gas employees suffered nearly 700 nonfatal injuries in the following year. 

Oilfield workers experience intense labor, lengthy hours, and committed workers who involuntarily risk their life due to unregulated safety protocols, oilfield defective equipment, over-exertion, lack of training, and many other preventable causes in the oilfield industry. Sadly, while oilfield injuries are highly preventable they tend to happen at higher rates due to general lack of safety inspections, insufficient training, compliance issues, and other variables. If you or a loved one has suffered from an oilfield injury, please contact one of our experienced oilfield injury attorneys at Sloan Firm to get the compensation and assistance you deserve.

Oilfield Defective Equipment

Oilfield Injury Lawyer Texas
Oilfield defective equipment and defective machinery is an unfortunate and tragic cause of many oilfield injuries, as well. If an equipment defect causes failure or malfunction, then it could be possible to pursue a product liability claim against the manufacturer of the machine. Here are some potential causes of common oilfield equipment malfunction:
  • Infrequent or insufficient safety inspections
  • Corrosion
  • Defective Design
  • Poor Welding
  • Metal Fatigue
  • Inadequate Training
Since the nature of oilfield equipment and machinery carry inherent high-safety risks, the oil industry requires strict training protocols and regulations for their oilfield employees to adhere to. The purpose of these strict training protocols is to ensure a safe environment and to protect workers’ health and safety on the oil rig or any other related job site, but unfortunately these training methods are commonly insufficient or poorly regulated due to various factors. When strict regulations and training protocols get ignored, the result is often a tragic oilfield injury or oilfield accident. If you or a loved one are a victim of unsafe working conditions due to defective oilfield equipment, contact our Sloan oilfield injury lawyers today to receive the assistance you deserve. Our knowledgeable oilfield injury lawyers will customize a plan of action for your oilfield injury case, and work diligently for your compensation.

The Customized Sloan Approach For Your Oilfield Injury:

Located in Texas and New Mexico, the prominent oil-producing states of the country, our attorneys at Sloan firm have intimate exposure and first-hand experience with the intricacies of the oilfield industry. Our oilfield injury attorneys have seen it all, and we fight for our clients best interests from a customized approach. Combined, our personal injury attorneys at Sloan, Hatcher, Perry, Runge, Robertson & Smith Law Firm have more than 100 years of legal experience and have won millions for our clients in verdicts and settlements.Our services go beyond just representing your case—we want to act as your legal advocate, your counselor, and your friend. When you visit us, you will receive a personalized and intentional legal service related to your individual needs. Our oilfield injury lawyers will listen to the details and nuances of your case, gather facts about what happened, and then plan a customized strategy for your claim, all based on what is most important to you. Listen to our previous clients who share their experience working with our personal injury attorneys.

Oilfield Safety and Regulations: Understanding Texas and New Mexico Law

An oilfield injury could be the result of an oilfield accident or oilfield wreck. So, what constitutes an “oilfield wreck”, and what are the proper legal steps to take after an oilfield injury following an oilfield accident? First, understand that oilfield accidents can happen during any stage of oil and gas extraction on the job, including:
  • Transportation
  • Drilling oil & gas wells
  • Refining
  • Pipelines
and any other relevant activities for oil and gas extractions on the jobsite. Oil accidents, also referred to as “oil wrecks”, can be classified under many categories. This is why it’s helpful to consult an oil field injury attorney who is familiar, experienced, and knowledgeable on the intricacies, regulations, as well as policies of the gas and oil extraction industry.
Several safety guidelines and requirements have been laid out across the country by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The federal government established OSHA to help prevent severe or fatal injuries, as well as make employers liable for employees' safety while at work. They must be followed, or else a company can be subjected to substantial penalties and fines. Although certain conditions can be contingent on the work environment, there are still universal standards that must be met, some of which include:
  • Minimum training requirements
  • Worker supervision
  • Equipment cleaning and maintenance requirements
  • Hard hats, eye protection, and safe work shoes
  • CPR-trained individual and first aid kits at worksites
  • Immediate accident and injury reporting and treatment
Specifically, OSHA Laws & Regulations code 1926 is responsible for regulating site preparation for the gas and oil industry, this can include regulating processes such as: leveling a site, excavation, or trenching. The second form of regulation from OSHA is done through the clause titled, “General Duty Clause,” which requires employers to provide safe working conditions with no hazards that may cause, or have high probability to cause, serious death or injury. Our experienced team of personal injury attorneys, practicing in the dominant oil producing states of Texas and New Mexico, are educated, experienced, and familiar with these complex legal codes and clauses.

If you or a loved one are a victim of an oilfield injury due to,
  • Ignored safety regulations
  • Over-time work exhaustion
  • Insufficient training processes
  • Toxic fumes
  • Defective equipment
or any other related reason, please contact our oilfield injury lawyers in Texas and New Mexico today. We are ready to assist you in getting the compensation you justly deserve.

Common Oilfield Injuries

The oil and gas industries in New Mexico and Texas continue to thrive, employing people and paying them well. However, this industry can also be dangerous, which is why oilfield workers deal with serious injuries every day. By working with an oilfield injury lawyer at Sloan Firm, you’ll have access to someone who will take an in depth look at your oilfield injuries and advise you of your rights. Continue reading for a list of some common oilfield injuries. Do you or someone need an oil field injury attorney? Come stop by Sloan Firm. There is a high chance that you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical care, lost wages, and reduced quality of life. Let our team of lawyers meet with you today to discuss your case!

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