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John Sloan

Texas & New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyer

As a boy growing up in Henderson, John Sloan thought he might become a preacher someday. However, by the time he began his undergraduate studies at Baylor University, John made up his mind: He was going to be a trial lawyer.

Ray Hatcher, personal injury attorney in Longview, Texas

Raymond Hatcher

Texas & New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyer

Raymond Hatcher was born in Mission, Texas in 1961. After receiving both Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degrees from Texas A&M University, Ray worked for Schering- Plough Corporation, a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical manufacturer. After seven years in marketing and sales with Schering-Plough, Ray attended

Glenn A. Perry

Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

Glenn A. Perry is a nationally recognized trial lawyer. Over the course of four decades, he has tried more than 250 cases in state and federal courts. His experience has taught him that sincerity and credibility are the key to courtroom success. “The jury has to

Carson R. Runge

Texas & New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyer

Carson R. Runge loves the competitive challenge of matching wits and intellect with other lawyers. However, he offers a stronger explanation for why he loves his work: Getting a win for the underdog. “When you have somebody who’s injured in an 18-wheeler wreck or a car

Alan J. Robertson

Texas & New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyer

Alan J. Robertson joined Sloan Law Firm in 2009 after he received his J.D. from Baylor Law School. He has been building a busy practice ever since. “There’s never a dull moment around here,” Alan says. “There’s always something new and always a challenge we’re being

Justin Smith

Texas & Arkansas Personal Injury Lawyer

Justin A. Smith believes that one of the keys to success in the courtroom is to tell a client’s story. “The whole idea is to break down barriers so that the jury can see what was done to your client and the effect it’s

Savannah Rand

Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

Why did Savannah Rand become an attorney? To help people. Plain and simple. Savannah says, “while studying the law at Baylor I was fascinated by how it could be so vast, yet so intricate. It was problem-solving, which I love. I want my clients to walk in with their problems

Micah Satterwhite | Sloan Firm

Micah Satterwhite

Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Micah L. Satterwhite grew up in Woodville, Texas, where he learned the values of hard work and public service from his father, the owner of a small-town pharmacy. “I’ve always looked up to him for his perseverance and his work ethic,” says Micah, the youngest

J. Kendon Womack, Sloan Firm

J. Kendon Womack

Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

J. Kendon Womack, born and raised in Longview, Texas has always been called to the practice of law. He learned the importance of representing individuals and families early in his life by observing his father, a former trial lawyer in the East Texas area.

Tamer Abouras

Texas and New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyer

Tamer Abouras grew up in Williamstown, New Jersey. The first in his family to attend and graduate from law school, Tamer also holds an associate’s degree from Gloucester County College (now Rowan College of South Jersey) and graduated summa cum laude from Rowan University with a bachelor’s degree in political science in 2014. Tamer felt drawn toward law school during a stint working with homeless men and women at the Atlantic City Rescue Mission, eventually moving across the country in 2018 to attend Baylor Law School.

Emma Roddy

Texas and New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyer

Emma Roddy was born and raised in New Braunfels, Texas where she graduated from New Braunfels High School in 2012. From her earliest memories, Emma was always at her best when she was on stage. Emma performed in many community and school theatre productions as a child and sang for crowds whenever she got the chance. It was through this love of performing that Emma found an ability to tell stories and communicate with an audience.

Taylor Gamboa

Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

Taylor graduated from Texas State University in 2018 with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Forensic Psychology. It was during this time that Taylor found her passion of advocating for those who are injured. While at Texas State, she was part of the Service Learning Excellence Program which gave her the opportunity to work at a residential care facility that focused on the long term care and rehabilitation of their residents following traumatic brain injury. This experience opened her eyes to the need of compassionate and zealous advocates for those who are injured and need it the most. Soon after, Taylor became heavily involved in the Pre-law program and began focusing her study on personal injury law.