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Were You Affected by the West, TX Blast?

April 17, 2013 is a day that Texans will remember for a long time to come. At around 7:30pm, an explosion at the West Texas Fertilizer Co. shot up a blast that killed and injured many residents and workers of the small community of West, Texas, just 20 minutes north of Waco. The plant explosion blast was measured at a 2.1 magnitude, similar to a small earthquake. Were you affected by this plant explosion? The Longview personal injury attorneys at Sloan, Bagley, Hatcher, Perry, Runge, Robertson and Smith Law Firm are extending legal representation to any victims. To learn more, please contact our firm as soon as possible.

Who Are the Victims?

The day after the accident, the injury and death toll estimates at least 15 killed and possibly upwards of 35 fatalities in addition to more than 160 injured. Some of the firemen who were first responders to the blast are still unaccounted for. The victims comprise a group of plant workers, first responders and West residents. Initial eyewitness reports as well as police testimony indicate that the surrounding homes and apartment buildings have been completely leveled due to the strength of the explosion.

West, Texas is a small community of less than 3,000 residents, leaving the entire city rocked by a blast of this magnitude. Most of the injured have been transferred to hospitals in the surrounding community. Search and rescue teams continued to look for victims in the rubble the day after the explosion. Most of the reports indicate that the injured are suffering from broken bones, lacerations, burns and respiratory distress.

The victims are not only those who live in the surrounding community, but also the workers at the West Texas Fertilizer Co. plant. Approximately ten first responders are among those who were killed. Whether you are a plant worker, a resident of West, a first responder or a family member of someone who was killed because of the blast, call us for help.

What Caused the Blast?

It is yet uncertain the exact cause of the accident. This was an industrial accident, but more specifics will not be known until a full investigation has been made. Ammonia is a chemical commonly used in the processing and manufacturing of fertilizer. This is a potentially flammable and combustible substance, and there was approximately 54,000 pounds of it at the West Texas Fertilizer Co. at the time of the blast. This substance is not extremely dangerous when it is in gas form but can be dangerous when it is under pressure or becomes heated.

Interestingly enough, a Dallas newspaper got a hold of some documents that were filed by West Texas Fertilizer Co. with the EPA. The document stated that the plant believed that there was no significant risk of fire or explosion at the site. The plant also stated that the worst thing that could happen would be a 10-minute ammonia leak that would cause no significant injuries and no deaths. Unfortunately, the plant was incorrect in its estimation.

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