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In the event you or a loved one dies, it is important you have a detailed written will which allocates to whom and where your assets are left. Sometimes, a person may not leave a will explicitly outlining what is to be done with their assets, both tangible and intangible. When confusion regarding a will arises, the probate process is imperative in settling an estate. In short, it is important that you understand your rights and responsibilities when it comes to preparing or probating a will.
In Texas and New Mexico, the process called probate is when you have a will fully authenticated and proven by a court's jurisdiction. We hope it never occurs, but sometimes issues can arise when a will is not left or is misconstrued by the family. In order to avoid family disputes, the probate attorneys at The Sloan Firm are here to walk you through this legal process. 

In both Texas and New Mexico, having a probate is possible whether the decedent died testate (died with a will) or died intestate (died without a will). Follow along as the Sloan Firm explains the legal matters of probate laws in both Texas and New Mexico.

What is Covered Under Texas and New Mexico Probate Laws?

In Texas and New Mexico, items generally covered under probate laws would be anything left in the defendant’s will. Items could include:
  • Property solely owned by the decedent
  • Property of high value (jewelry, artwork, vehicles, etc.)
  • Accounts not transferred/paid at time of the decedent’s death
Property subjected to probate is often untitled, solely owned by the deceased, or was jointly owned with another party. It is not required for a will to be probated, rather it does ease the stress on the decedent’s family and those involved with the decedent’s assets. Instances where probate would be beneficial include when:
  • The will is handwritten or is unclear
  • The decedent has a very large estate
  • Beneficiaries include minors without legal guardians
The experienced team at The Sloan Firm will work with you through every step of the probate process and pair you with a knowledgeable Texas probate attorney or New Mexico probate attorney to ensure your family obtains their inheritance and all assets are dispersed.

How to Navigate the Probate Process

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The probate process is one that varies in length depending on the circumstances. Depending on what is included in the decedent’s will and the magnitude of the estate left, the whole process can take a matter of weeks to a matter of years. In general, the smaller the inheritance left, the shorter the probate process will take, and vice versa.
In most cases, a will can only be probated at most four years following the decedent’s death. If you happen to be named the beneficiary or the executor of a will, a Texas probate attorney or a New Mexico probate attorney from The Sloan Firm can provide great help and peace of mind.

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When dealing with the estate of a loved one, it is important you handle the process with care. Grieving over a loved one is already a tough process to go through, let The Sloan Firm lend a helping hand by assisting in the legality aspect of estate planning. If you find yourself unsure of where to go next when dealing with estate administration, know our trusted law firm serving Texas and New Mexico is here to help!

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