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Every day, we use manufactured goods for nutrition, recreation, transportation, medical treatment and just about everything else imaginable. We expect these products to be safe and effective – but as you may now realize from your own experience, that is not always the case. Dangerous and defective products harm people every day in Texas, New Mexico and throughout the country.

If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one due to a defective product, the Longview product liability attorneys of The Sloan Firm want to help you. We know how devastating product-related injuries can be. We want to set things right for you. You can count on The Sloan Firm to:
Learn about you and the injuries and losses you have suffered

Understand your experience with a defective product and how it has impacted your life

How Do Our Lawyers Approach Defective Products Cases?

Our legal team at The Sloan Firm has more than 150 years of combined legal experience, including a deep background in product liability litigation.
We know the challenges that defective products cases present.

We know how to use our skill and resources to overcome those challenges for our clients.

For instance, a key issue in many product liability cases is whether the product’s specific defect caused a consumer’s injuries or death. Our firm tackles this issue by conducting thorough investigations. We work tirelessly to unearth every bit of information we can find about the product.

When we take on your case, we will:

Gather and analyze evidence about how the company developed the product such as pre-market test results, internal company memos and information that the company filed with state or federal agencies.

Look at how the company communicated with consumers about the product though warning labels, instructions and advertising.

Study how the company reacted to complaints about a product defect? Did the company make changes to the product, add a warning to its label or issue a recall?

The Sloan Firm also will focus on your experience:

We will interview witnesses who saw you use the product and observed the harm that you suffered.

We will examine your medical records, which document your injuries.

Above all, we will listen to you. We will get to know the person behind the injury and how that person’s life has changed due to a defective product.

We also consult with experts. They can help us to understand the nature of the product defect in your case, including how the company could have made the product safer. Experts can also help us to determine the type of medical care you will need and how your injuries impact your financial security.

At The Sloan Firm, we believe that our comprehensive investigation of product liability cases makes a difference for our clients. It is important to begin that investigation as early as possible. So, don’t wait to get in touch with us.

How Do You Know When a Product Is Defective?

Did you use a consumer product as it was intended to be used – but you still suffered an injury? If so, the problem is not you – the problem is the product. You may not be the only person harmed, either. The product may have harmed many other people the same way due to a design defect, manufacturing defect or inadequate labeling.

If a product causes injuries to a large group of consumers, the manufacturer may voluntarily recall it. The manufacturer will send notice directly to consumers and/or report the recall to an agency such as:

S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

These agencies will provide information to the public about the defective product and the recall. If a manufacturer recalled the product that harmed you or your loved one, you should follow the agency’s instructions on steps you should take next. However, you should not return the product to the manufacturer. The product itself will be important evidence as you move forward with a legal claim.

Although a manufacturer may not recall a product, it does not mean the product is safe or that you did not suffer harm from it. You should still take action to protect your health and your legal rights. Contact The Sloan Firm today to learn more.

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