Have you been hurt or injured by a product that was recalled? Products get recalled when they don’t meet safety standards, but unfortunately, this is often after a number of people have been hurt. A Longview personal injury attorney can help you.
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Product Recall Cases in Longview

All kinds of manufactured goods, from automobiles to household appliances, can be subject to product recalls when people who buy and use the products get injured from them. Food and drugs can also be recalled because something has gone wrong, and consuming the product causes illness or even death. Sometimes birth defects are the result of products that are later recalled, and people are left with a lifetime disability. The people who care for them, their families, end up with emotional pain and huge medical costs. If you have been affected by a defective product that should be recalled or already has been recalled, contact our office. The Sloan Firm will be glad to go over your legal options with you.

Injuries from Defective Products or Drugs

Every day people are seriously injured by defective drugs, medical devices, and other products. If you have been hurt by a defective product, see a Longview personal injury attorney for help with your case.

Longview Product Liability Injury Lawyer

A product can be considered dangerous for several different reasons. A drug may have dangerous side effects that are not clearly labeled, and taking it may cause serious illness or death. A manufactured product may have a design defect that makes it dangerous to use. This often happens with cars when the steering or brake mechanisms lock up and cause a serious accident. People can be injured by defective products or appliances in the house such as a device that is not properly insulated which can electrocute you. State law provides what is known as an implied warranty that products are safe for their intended use.

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The manufacturer may try to disclaim the implied warranty, but you should bring all the documents to your lawyer, who can examine how it is worded. At the Sloan Firm, we help people with their injuries that resulted from defective products. If a manufacturer has stated that their product is safe or has failed to clearly list any risks associated with the product’s use, they may be guilty of false advertising. Many times people are hurt by a product that has been recalled by its makers. Our law firm can help you if a manufacturer sold you a defective product that resulted in a personal injury of some kind.

Texas Defective Product Lawyers

Contact a Longview product liability lawyer who can help you with a defective product question. What matters to you, matters to us.