Client Experiences

“Taking care of me and getting me where I needed to be was the Sloan Firm’s top priority.”

-Jennifer – Rear-End Collision

“The Sloan Law Firm will fight the fight with you and for you. Not only will they fight for you, they will win.”

-Reginal – Car Accident

“There are some things in your heart that you just don’t question. When John Sloan walked in, I didn’t know he was a lawyer, but I knew he was a good guy”.

-Missy – Tractor Trailer Accident

“The support I got from Carson after my accident was amazing. Anything I needed, he provided.  He came to see me in the hospital, attorneys don’t just do that.  Carson really cared about me.”

-Monica – Car Accident

“I was just a number in the Navy for six years and Alan treated me like a person, not just another case, I mattered to him.”

-Stephen – Truck Accident

“I didn’t feel like I was talking to a lawyer I felt like I was talking to a friend…Carson Runge is my friend.”

-Rhonda and Lynn

“I had no doubt Justin would do the right thing and get our case resolved, and he did.”

-Lillian – Pedestrian Accident

“I definitely would not have gotten the outcome with my case if I had not hired the Sloan Law Firm. They took care of me”.

-Matt – Motorcycle Accident

“We found Carson Runge to be a highly skilled, extremely intelligent and educated lawyer. Carson always put our needs and concerns first in his handling of our case and kept us informed on all major issues. His attention to detail and knowledge thereof was of great benefit, and we had every confidence in his performance. He remained positive and encouraging throughout the case and stood with us through every situation with a can-do attitude. He spoke to us often and in detail, always remaining upbeat and informative, and allowed us to ask questions and comment on the case and its progress. Carson treated us with respect and dignity throughout the process, was always well mannered, which in turn helped us to be able to just leave the entire case in his hands knowing we did not have to worry how things were progressing as Carson had it all under control. He acquired the best professional experts and physicians as needed for our case. We would highly recommend Carson without reservation, his firm and his team, to anyone needing an attorney, legal council or advice, etc., We greatly admired his professionalism and expertise, not to mention his warm and caring personality and demeanor. Thank you Carson.”

-Our Clients, Jimmy and Lynda

“Well, don’t let this young man’s age fool you. This skilled attorney is a dogged litigator!

We were denied coverage by our insurance on a claim for damage to a rental house that we own. The tenants left in the middle of the night, and left mountains of debris and severe damage to just about every room in the house, as well as totally destroying and removing the electric double-sized garage door, and stealing a major appliance.

What did Insurance Adjuster tell us after looking at the property? That it was “normal wear and tear”, and the insurance company denied our claim.

We immediately engaged Mr. Runge, and almost immediately he set up a meeting at out rental house with the Insurance Adjuster. My wife and I were there, but we just stood by and let Carson Runge do what he does best – fight for his client!

As a result, within days, Mr. Runge informed us that the insurance company had agreed to a settlement, and not just a token amount. The amount we were awarded on our claim has enabled us to repair all of the damage done, and all of the costs of cleanup and restoration!

Over the last 40 years, I have needed to retain the services of an attorney at different times, but never have I retained an attorney who has gone over and above what was expected in order to make the client whole.

I can, without reservation, recommend Mr. Carson R. Runge! Thank you, Carson!”

-Our Client James

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