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The Vaping Illness Baffling Doctors and Experts Nationwide

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There is large and growing concern about a mysterious illness that has already affected many people in recent months after vaping. With more people being admitted to the hospital, it is time to take action.

What Does This Mystery Vaping Illness Look Like?

Across the country, people are showing up to the ER with severe shortness of breath. Many of them have had symptoms in the days leading up to their hospital visit, including fatigue, fever and vomiting. Some of these patients have even ended up in intensive care and needing ventilators. One thing that has eyes raised is that these patients are otherwise completely healthy and usually in their late teens or early 20s. The connecting factor is that all have used vape pens, which opens up so many more questions.

Why Is the Illness Still a Mystery?

The important thing to understand about vape pens is that so many of the cartridges that are bought are bootleg products off of the streets. None of the patients that come in are able to tell the doctors what exactly it is that they have been smoking. Especially when a product is bought from an unofficial source, there is absolutely no regulation or way to determine what substances are being used to make the vape pen work. This is the main reason why the fear of these illnesses is so strong. It has sent governmental officials, doctors, and parents alike searching for answers to address this problem.
iStock-528497380-compressedThere have been concerns that young people are smoking e-cigarettes far too much and that there is so much about the process that is unknown. This line of illnesses has only made those worries more substantial. If this is something that has affected you or someone you know, contact The Sloan Firm. We don’t just look at the injuries; we look at the people behind the injuries.

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