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Should You Move Your Driver's Seat Away from the Steering Wheel?

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Most often, a person never considers the distance between where they are sitting and the steering wheel. However, many studies show that the distance of a person and the steering wheel can be the difference between severe harm and safety in the course of an accident. This is because airbags deploy forcefully and at a fast rate. In fact, these devices can expand at speeds faster than 200 miles per hour.

For this reason, maintaining a safe distance away from the steering wheel can save your life. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Administration report that 10 inches is an optimal distance between a driver and the steering wheel airbag.

How to Adjust Your Distance for Safety

Now that you understand the safest distance between you and the steering wheel, consider the following tips to adjust your seat accordingly:

  • Tilt the back of the seat back.
  • Aim the steering wheel down rather than at the face or chest.
  • Use the adjusting lever located beneath your seat to move your seat back.
  • If you are short, consider having pedal adjuster installed.

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