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Have You Been Involved in a Construction Accident?

There are laws and regulatory agencies whose sole purpose is to protect those working on a construction site. It can be quite dangerous when these laws and regulations are not followed or if negligence results from improperly maintained equipment. Safety is dependent upon all people involved doing their part. When this does not happen and a construction accident causes catastrophic injury or wrongful death, the victim or victims may be entitled to pursue a recovery for pain and suffering, loss of wages, medical bills and physical therapy. Gaining resources to begin repairing the devastation to one’s life due to injury from a construction accident can be addressed with the help of a Longview work injury attorney.

Personal Injury Lawyer for Construction Site Accidents

One might think that his or her medical bills and lost wages will be compensated for by workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, that is not always enough to cover the financial burden that can result from the inability to work and the cost of medical treatment and recovery.

At our firm, we believe in responsibility for one’s employees and their work environment. We insist upon fair and equitable treatment in the case of construction accidents. It is not unfair to expect help with financial burdens caused by a work-site accident. We can meet with you and review the circumstances of your personal and unique circumstances.  If we should take on your case, we will work on a contingency basis.

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