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Overtime Law Information

If you believe that you are not being paid the overtime you deserve from your employer, you need to know that you have rights. While it can be extremely intimidating to go against your employer, the law protects you. Speak with a Longview overtime law attorney from our firm today to discuss your rights as an employee and to determine if you have a viable claim against your employer.

One reason many people do not pursue their fair overtime wages is that they are afraid of what their employer will do. As an employee, you are protected under the Fair Labor Standards Act. This means that for most employees (depending on your line of work), you are entitled to make 1½ times your normal pay when you work anything beyond 40 hours in one week. Additionally, it is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you in any way for pursuing a claim, either by terminating you, cutting back your hours, or giving you poor reviews. If you feel that your employer has retaliated against you illegally, you should learn more about your rights.

Overtime Lawyers Serving Longview & All of East Texas

At the Sloan Firm, we can help you understand what your rights are as an employee and advise you on your overtime case. There are many instances where you may have been told you are not eligible for overtime or have been offered some sort of alternative compensation that was not your fair time-and-a-half pay rate.

Even if you accepted a compensatory bonus in lieu of overtime, you may still be entitled to your overtime wages. We can help you get started. Contact our Longview overtime law attorneys today if you believe that you have been unfairly and illegally denied your overtime wages.