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Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi Personal Injury Lawyer

With 27 years of experience practicing law in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, Laureen Bagley is passionate about personal responsibility, particularly as it applies to holding large corporations accountable for faulty and defective products that injure people, especially children. There is nothing sadder than an injured child. She has successfully challenged international corporations and made them responsible for the injuries their defective products caused. Today, an increasing number of products are manufactured abroad using inferior materials and poor designs. Laureen leaves no stone unturned in discovering the real reason why products fail and making companies pay for their decision to put profits over people.

Laureen has also been a champion of workplace rights for both men and women with significant victories on behalf of injured workers not covered by workers’ compensation and workers that have been subjected to harassment and unfair wage practices. Laureen is passionate about helping hard-working people who have been injured on the job through someone else’s fault. It is heartbreaking for her to watch someone’s life be destroyed by injury or unfair employment practices. Laureen knows that an injury affects all aspects of a person’s life and requires a lawyer who is experienced, understands those needs and knows how to guide a client through this difficult process. At the same time, Laureen is unflinching in her determination to recover what her clients have lost and help them get their lives back.

Laureen has successfully prosecuted cases in Louisiana, Mississippi, California and throughout Texas.

Laureen is a native Texan and the happily married mother of three daughters. She is currently the President of the Gregg County Bar Association and a member of the Board of Directors of the Justice for Children Foundation.