Hail damage insurance claim forms are important after a storm

Insurance Claims for Hail, Wind & Storm Damage

At the Sloan Firm, our Texas lawyers are committed to helping policyholders and property owners understand their rights and options after severe weather causes damage to their property. Our legal team works with Texas policyholders affected by natural disasters, including wind and hailstorms, and we take on insurance companies in order to protect our clients’ rights.

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The Rights of Policy Holders After Storms

Insurance companies are regulated corporations that have the legal duty of handling policyholders’ claims fairly and in a timely fashion. After property has been damaged by storms, floods, wind, or hail, insured property owners have every right to pursue fair settlements from insurance providers. Because these companies are in business to make money, not to pay claims, this isn’t always an easy process.

Hail Damage Insurance Claims

Our firm works closely with policyholders to protect their rights during all stages of the claim process.

In the event that insurance companies unfairly delay or deny claims, policyholders may have the right to pursue legal action. Our legal team can explore ways to avoid these disputes, but we are also prepared to fight back in order to protect our clients’ rights and interests.

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