Why Should You Choose Our Law Firm for Your Truck Crash Case?

Why Should You Choose Our Law Firm for Your Truck Crash Case?

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People who survive collisions with 18-wheelers often sustain serious physical, mental, and emotional injuries. Some of the most common truck accident injuries that our attorneys encounter are:

The attorneys of The Sloan Firm know how these injuries change people’s lives. In the aftermath of a truck accident, a person may be unable to work at the same job – or work at all – due to injury. The person may be unable to do tasks around the home or enjoy activities as before. Because of traumatic brain injuries or other catastrophic physical injuries, many people can no longer live independently, which places a heavy burden on family members. Mounting medical bills only add to the stress.

The Longview truck wreck attorneys at The Sloan Firm focus on how the injuries from a truck accident have uniquely affected our clients. We thoroughly review medical records to determine the nature and extent of our clients’ injuries. We also consult with doctors, nurses, life care planners and other experts. We look at a client’s entire life – including the client’s work, relationships and interests – and seek full justice for harm done to that life.
In your truck accident case, you can count on our truck accident lawyers to put our legal skill and experience to work for you and pursue maximum compensation for your losses. Your case won’t be just a file number to us.

We will work closely with you and:
Explain all aspects of your personal injury or wrongful death claim
Answer all questions you may have about your legal rights and options
Keep you regularly updated about our progress in your case.

We will handle all upfront costs, and we won’t charge you anything for our legal services unless we obtain a truck accident settlement or verdict that benefits you. While The Sloan Firm handles your case, you will not need to worry about paying for an attorney. Instead, you can focus on your physical recovery from your injury and your loved ones. Contact our team today.