Sloan Firm Wins Case Against Drunk Driver for Longview Residents Bill & Lyn Wallace

Sloan Firm Wins Case Against Drunk Driver for Longview Residents Bill & Lyn Wallace

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What was supposed to be a memorable and happy birthday celebration for the Wallace family ended in tragedy. After enjoying a birthday dinner at their daughter’s favorite restaurant, the Country Tavern in Kilgore, Texas, the Wallaces were hit by a drunk driver when they were returning home. One of the family members did not survive the wreck, another was rushed to emergency surgery, and Bill and Lyn would spend the next 3 months in wheel chairs followed by a lengthy rehabilitation.

“From then on, things just seemed to take a life of their own,” said Bill. “I had no control. I couldn’t do anything for myself.” As he began to review their mounting bills, he and Lyn knew something had to be done.

“We knew about the Sloan Law Firm because they handled a situation with Bill’s sister,” said Lyn. “We contacted them, and they visited us in the hospital. They helped us through a lot of difficult times. Laureen Bagley handled a good many insurance questions, and I could just call, and she’d say, ‘I’ll take care of it.’ And then John [Sloan] visited us at our home to talk with us about what had happened and how to handle what we were having to go through.”

“That’s what impressed me about the Sloan Law Firm,” Bill continued. “They took care of us – when we needed it most.”

Sloan Firm attorney Ryan Fowler represented the Wallaces during the trial with care and precision, putting them at ease. “It was just like a machine,” Bill recounted. “He told me what the other lawyer was going to ask and what the judge was going to rule before it ever happened. It didn’t take long for me to realize we were in good hands with Ryan, and it came out in our favor.”

Thanks to The Sloan Firm’s efforts, the Wallaces have secured a settlement and have gotten their lives back. “We feel like we were very well-represented, and all that could’ve been done was done for us,” Lyn stated.

Reflecting on their interaction with the firm, Bill said that what stood out to him the most were the friendly, caring personalities of the lawyers and everyone else who helped contribute to his family’s case. “I don’t feel like we’re customers or clients. I feel like we’re friends. We’re among friends when we’re there, and everyone there takes a personal interest in us and our welfare.”

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