Sloan Firm Wins Case for Burn Injury Victim Marco Torres

Sloan Firm Wins Case for Burn Injury Victim Marco Torres

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It seemed like it would be just like any other morning at work for Marco Torres, but when steam from pipes burst and severely burned his legs, face, and arms, Marco’s life was changed in an instant. Unable to move, he knew that the struggle to get his life back would be a true uphill battle. A few months after the healing process began, Marco and his wife, Estela, began to consider taking legal action when they started considering the possibility that the accident could’ve been prevented. Estela began doing her own legal research and exploring her options. During her search for an attorney, she found that many attorneys either didn’t know more than she did about the law, or were extremely negative toward her about her situation.

All of that changed when a friend recommended John Sloan to her. “He was genuinely interested and concerned about us,” said Estela. “Being Hispanic, you kind of grow up to expect not to be as respected or expect to be not as informed. But I found that they put me at ease. They just made me feel very comfortable. I didn’t sense any lack of respect. We were part of their family.”

“[John] asked us a lot of questions and reassured us that they would do the best they could do,” Estela continued. “He told us up front, ‘I can’t make any promises. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but we will try our best.’ And that’s something that we needed to hear. One thing that impressed me and made us feel that we were important was that anytime I had a question, I could call. I was always assured and encouraged to call with any questions at any time. You go into these nice law firms, and sometimes I was a little intimidated. But with them, it wasn’t like that.”

After a couple of years in litigation, Marco and Estela received a settlement. More importantly to the Torres family, they also received compensation for any further medical treatment required as a result of the accident. Marco’s face has completely healed, and he is now able to work again.

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