Sloan Firm Wins Case for 18-Wheeler Wreck Victims Jon and Missy Tibbits

Sloan Firm Wins Case for 18-Wheeler Wreck Victims Jon and Missy Tibbits

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When Jon and Melissa “Missy” Tibbits took a trip to Houston, they had no idea their lives were about to change drastically on their way home. Driving on Highway 59, their peaceful journey came to a screeching halt as an 18-wheeler unexpectedly drove across the highway. In a moment of quick thinking, Jon aimed for one of the truck’s back tires to avoid decapitation when he realized that a collision was inevitable.

In the aftermath, one of the ambulance attendants asked Missy if her feet had been malformed before the wreck. Her heels had been dislocated, with almost all of her toes and many bones in her upper foot completely broken. During their time in the hospital, Jon introduced her to John Sloan, a friend of a relative. “I think I actually told him lawyer jokes,” said Missy. “Then I didn’t realize he was going to be our lawyer, or else I wouldn’t have told him the jokes!”

“Part of my recovery was knowing that somebody was pulling for me,” she continued. “My lawyers were wonderful. They wanted what was best for me, and they worked hard behind the scenes to do so. John and Carson really, really listened to everything we had to say. I never had any experience with lawyers before this. All I knew was what I saw on TV, right? And they’re – well – they’re kind of jerks on TV, and not very nice. I actually couldn’t believe John flew down to Houston and came to my hospital bed, which to me is way above and beyond. It was just amazing.”

“I never knew lawyers could be like this,” Missy stated. “I truly believe that without the Sloan Law Firm, I wouldn’t have the life I have now. They fought for me. They were able to get me a settlement that we are more than happy with. They made a huge difference in my life. They were part of the team just like the medical people I’d been seeing – the doctors, the PTs. They were all a part of my recovery, and I really appreciate them.”

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