8 Tips for Safe Winter Driving

8 Tips for Safe Winter Driving

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With the winter months fast approaching, drivers are getting ready for another season of driving in the snow. Snowy and icy conditions can be dangerous to drivers if the proper precautions are not taken. Every year, countless car accidents occur as a result of slippery, icy roads, leading to serious injury and, in some cases, death.

Remember the three key elements of driving in the snow:

  1. Slow down
  2. Stay alert
  3. Stay in control

Consider these other tips as well when driving in snow:

  • Inform someone of your travel plans before heading out. Plan your route in advance and allow extra time to reach your destination.
  • Perform regular maintenance checks on your vehicle before making a trip. Check your car’s battery, anti-freeze, oil, belts and hoses, headlights and taillights, and heater and defroster to ensure that they are in working order.
  • Wear clothing that does not restrict your movement and ability to steer the vehicle. Keep heavier, bulkier clothing available for when it is time to exit your vehicle.
  • Use an ice scraper or snow brush to completely clear ice and snow from all windows, mirrors, lights, and the roof before driving. Run the defroster and wait until all foggy windows are clear before putting the vehicle in drive.
  • Slow down in icy and snowy conditions. Make turns slowly and make all starts and stops smooth.
  • Ensure that you have enough windshield wiper fluid in your vehicle and that it is suitable for use in freezing temperatures.
  • Slow down in areas where there may be black ice. If you feel your car losing traction, keep your foot off the brake until you regain control.
  • Don’t panic if you get stranded. Stay in your vehicle and call for help.

One can never be over prepared for an emergency. It is an excellent idea to keep a winter driving kit handy in case it is ever needed. The following items make great additions to a winter survival kit:

  • Snowbrush/ice scraper
  • Chain or tow rope
  • Sand or other traction aid
  • Jumper cables
  • Road flares
  • Shovel
  • Gas line antifreeze
  • Flashlight and spare batteries
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Waterproof matches and small candles
  • Small tool kit
  • Extra clothing/shoes
  • Non-perishable food items
  • Bottled water

The Sloan Firm wishes you safe driving this winter season!

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